Lawn care: listen to your lawn, it might be sick

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You've made yourself a nice big house with that you have always dreamed of and you also manage to leave enough space to make a lawn. Well you think half your job is done and all you are left to do is start a good life in your house. You arrange your house in the best decor and all the trendy stuff. Everyone who enters your house is really impressed with the work you've put in but you'll hear them saying this sentence soon enough 'It looks so different from what we were expecting'. Initially you might think that they doubted your decoration skills but soon enough you will realize they predicted the house to be unkempt due to the state in which your lawn is. So, it is better than the assumptions stop today and you pay a little attention In building a beautiful lawn for your house. The way your house looks from the outside matters as much as it looks on the inside. Lawn care is an art to master.


What can you do to make your lawn look good?


There are steps that you can take to create a well maintained lawn. A good lawn is a lot of hard work but it won't seem a lot once you do it on a regular basis. The basic steps of lawn care are:

  1. Water your lawn: choose the times of early mornings or late evenings to water your lawn. It is basic knowledge to water plants so this is the most basic step you can do to make your lawn look fantabulous. How much you should water your lawn is something you should speculate. Check the grass type in your lawn, how your lawn is doing, and the water wastage points should be taken in consideration.
  2. Make sure you water infrequently and deeply. This type of watering helps in the root growth of your grass and helps the grass to grow out all healthy
  3. You'll see the grass of the cool season laying dormant during the summer. They will turn all brown but as soon as the temperature is right you will see them reviving.
  4. The weeds and other plants which can attack and take over your lawn make sure you carefully select them and tear them out. You must prevent the battle between your grass and the weeds that want to take over your lawn
  5. Well of course, you mow your lawn. You have to keep in mind that you don't mow more than one-third of the height of the grass. Longer grass blades always makes the lawn look better.
  6. Fertilizing your lawn is essential too. Grass, you might think it is one of the easiest things to grow and not a big deal but with that attitude, your grass is going to wilt fast. You have to add fertilizers to your lawn to grow a healthy lawn. Find a fertilizer that has heavy nitrogen content and use it on a regular basis and check on the growth.


Sum it up


Now, all you got to do is listen to your lawn grass talk and all your guests go wow. Lawn care is in your grip now.

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